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We hope our website is easy to use and we’re here to help if you need any assistance. Below is a our list of the most common questions we get asked from the site users. If these frequently asked questions do not help, please do get in contact with us.

How do I use Save Serach feature?

RoomAsap has a great feature that allow you save your search to your user menu rather than bookmarking all the adverts you’re interested in or writing down their link, to use this feature you must register and log in to you account

Once you are logged in just click the heart shape shown on the bottom right corner of each Ad

You can save as many Ads as you wish to your favourites and access them anytime from your user side menu by clicking on (Saved search)

Are my personal details safe?

We use secure pages (SSL) for all personal data which you send to us. This means all your data is encrypted and cannot be intercepted before reaching us. Our servers are hosted behind secure firewalls and are tested daily for security issues.

Why do I have to register to contact advertiser?

You can contact an advertiser either by messaging them or by telephone. You need to be registered to message an advertiser. To see telephone numbers you will also need to be registered, this is to protect our users from junk phone calls.