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Just Moving to London


I'm looking for

Rent period: Short term (1 – 3 months)

Room Type: Double room

Preferred area: Central London

Budget: More than £200 weekly

Moving in: 2 - 4 weeks

Employment: I / We employed full time

About me

My name is Daniel I'm 37 years old and I'm currently living in Sydney Australia. I own my own home and have currently leased it out for 12 months.I have a job in London and arrive on the 29th of September. My job will involve a lot of travel in the UK and Europe.The very next day I arrive I leave for Birmingham where I'll be spending the first few days. So I just want to drop off my bags and leave.I was hoping I would be able to book in for a month, only if that works for you of course? If I like the room etc, id be looking at staying longer term.A little about me, I love keeping fit and active between, swimming, yoga, gym and work I'd hardly be home. I'm very clean and respectful, social and a very positive person. I've shared my home with others so I know the importance of cleaning up after myself and doing what ever chores are needed to be done. I love to travel to so most weekends I'll be out and about exploring parts of Europe.Let me know if you want to chat over Skype or face time or if you need other info. I'm doing at 10 day silent mediati

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