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Looking for a lovely single room


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Rent period: Long term

Room Type: Double room

Preferred area: Central London

Budget: £100 - £150 weekly

Moving in: ASAP - as soon as possible

Employment: Students

About me

I am a postgraduate from University College London (full-time student). Gender: Female (No smoking) Age: 28What is a typical weekday for me? - always get started my day from a fresh fruit/vegetable juice or milk, then gym time (a morning exercise-lover); like studying in the library or coffee shop, rather than in my room; usually, go to bed before midnight if I don't need to work late;Most important! - I always keep my room in order (but not a clean geek)!! Because I benefit a lot from the magic of tidying. It is more than clean my room. In our culture, we believe that things like cleaning room and keeping things in order would bring luck. That is called "feng shui". One of my best-loved books is "the life-changing magic of tidying up" (by Marie Kondo)What is my background? - I am Chinese. :-D So a little shy and an introverted person. Not a Party Queen!! Before coming to London, I lived, studied and worked in Shanghai and Hon Kong. - This is my second year in London, and I just finished my dissertation. Also, I used to live in central London (in a student

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